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    Sometimes, late at night, things happen in LA Map Chat.
    Last night was one of those nights.

    Tomorrow at roughly 2pm Pacific time (2 hours before reset), I am going to start a run across Tyria.

    I will be starting at: Fallen Angels Garrison Waypoint — [&BFEBAAA=]
    With the endpoint objective being: Dragon’s Domain Central Waypoint (mid lane in Dragon’s Stand).

    The following rules are set, and I have committed to adhere to them:
    – Mastery use is limited to Gliding (Advanced Gliding), and Bouncing Mushrooms
    – No use of Nuhoc Wallows
    – No use of waypoints (unless dead, in which case it must be backwards on the path)
    – No Asura gates (because yeah, Ebonhawk -> DR ->LA ->The Grove would cut a substantial amount of time off the run.
    – No TP to friend
    – No shortcut through Guild Hall

    Rules I’m considering that I’m unsure about:
    – No use of speed shooms
    – No use of movement speed enhancing traits/runes/sigils/buffs/etc. (this was what was originaly discussed in map chat, but I’m unsure about it because of the issue of other players being able to apply speed/quickness. In addition, this is a “how fast can you..” thing, and I’m impatient. Input is welcome on whether or not this should be a rule).

    I’m going to use my cell phone stop watch. when I begin my run, I will hit start and then go. When I am done, I will hit stop.
    If Real Life interferes, I’ll stop running, stop the timer, and then start up again once things are no longer a problem.

    Results will be posted here, and also to Reddit (where it will subsequently be down-voted into oblivion for “low effort” or some such excuse)

    As I remember to, I will try and take screen shots along the way.

    The planned route, so far, is as follows:
    Fields of Ruin
    ->Blazeridge Steppes
    ->Plains of Ashford
    ->Black Citadel
    ->Diessa Plateau
    ->Wayfarer Foothills
    ->Snowden Drifts
    ->Gendarren Fields
    ->Kessex Hills
    ->Brisban Wildlands
    ->Verdant Brink
    ->Auric Basin
    ->Tangled Depths
    ->Dragon’s Stand

    I will avoid combat as much as possible.

    Possible class choices (assuming speed is allowed):
    Chrono with speed trait, Mimic & Blink
    Druid with Natural Stride, and Ancestral Grace
    Daredevil with speed trait and Shadow Refuge
    Reaper with Signet of the Locust & Staff 4 (dumping conditions making it easier to get out of combat).

    If I decide not to go with speed mods, I’ll probably go with Reaper, as Misty won’t have to change her traits or such. Just has to swap out signet of locust.

    Suggestions and questions welcome. :)


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    I’m not sure if I’m that insane, but if I’m on gimme a shout!


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    This seems really cool! I’m visiting my brother tomorrow but I might be able to join. Post on the guild FB page when you’re setting up, maybe? That way I’ll get a notification. :D


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    Sure. I just tested something out. The waypoint in Dragon’s Stand is only available when DS has been completed, so I’m going to have to amend the end point to Central Advance Camp Waypoint.

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