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    We finally have a fully unlocked guild hall, and I finally have max level scribing! That means we can finally get to the fun part: decorating the guild hall!

    Who can have their own area?
    Any active member of the guild (ie – one present in guild chat, or who reps STAR), who has been a member for at least one month, can claim an area. I considered making this tied to a rank, but ultimately decided against it. My reasoning being that all decorations you buy are tied to the guild – so if you leave, you can’t take them with you. Because of this, I assume only people who intend to stay in the guild will want a place to “live.”

    What does having my own “home” consist of?
    Simply put: it’s an area in the guild hall that you can decorate however you’d like, with the decorations you’ve earned/paid for. This won’t, obviously, stop others from visiting or hanging out in the spot, but it will be “yours.”

    How do I claim an area for myself?
    Easy! Firstly, pick a place in the guild hall that you’d like. There’s no strict rule regarding what size area you can claim, as long as it’s within reason. If the area is not claimed, it’s yours. If you want to claim an area but can’t afford to decorate it, I’ll still “hold” it for you for a reasonable period of time before freeing it up for someone else.

    What if two people want the same spot? Or what if someone claims an area but then takes a long break?
    The short answer is: we’ll work it out. I don’t anticipate this being a major issue, because we’re all pretty reasonable and understanding people.

    If someone takes an extended break (without notifying) or leaves the guild, after a reasonable period of time, I will remove their decorations and the area will be free to claim. You can relinquish ownership of an area at any time, or choose another open area. I cannot offer refunds on your decorations, however. You’re welcome to see if any guildies are open to “buying” them from you.

    Decorations relinquished will be used to decorate the public areas of the hall, or in certain cases can be “purchased” from the guild for personal use.

    How can I make sure no one will grief my area?
    Again, I don’t anticipate this being much of an issue. However, there are some preventative measures in place. The ability to decorate is only given to trusted officers and to those with the Decorator rank. The Decorator rank will be given to individuals only during the times they want to decorate their areas, and revoked after they are done. This means that if any griefing takes place, we will have a very small pool of possible suspects. Anyone found griefing will be kicked from the guild. No exceptions, save for if the person whose decorations were removed making a plea for the griefer.

    What about the 1k decoration limit? Won’t we hit that?
    Eventually, probably. When it gets to that point, I will take down things like the jumping puzzles or other extraneous decorations before we restrict personal decoration usage.

    How do I get decorations?
    You can have a look through the wiki article for a list of what decorations are available. Keep in mind that many recipes, especially the more elaborate ones, still cost a lot of gold even after the nerf. You can get a list of ingredients by searching the items on the gw2efficiency crafting calculator.

    Then, gather the ingredients necessary based on that list (be aware that some of the recipes are significantly cheaper to buy than craft, so you may wish to purchase the crafted version rather than send me the ingredients), and mail them to me. They can also be deposited in the guild bank, if there are a lot of them – but DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS. I can’t keep track of everything, and items in the bank can be accessed by all guildies. Then, I’ll craft them for you! I’m not charging for the service itself, so don’t worry about sending extra gold. However, if the decorations require account-bound items such as Gifts of Exploration or Charged Quartz, then I may charge for those.

    Ingredients such as resonating slivers, lumber cores, and coarse sand may not be necessary for you to obtain, since we receive a lot of those as donations. Check in with me to see if we have enough donated to cover your decoration. If we have them, you’re welcome (but not required) to donate a small amount of gold to the guild to “pay” for them.

    What about “shared” decorations like super clouds, or lamps? What about basic decorations?
    Much like the aforementioned sand and slivers, we have gotten a lot of these donated from various people in the guild. Same with things like the HoT decorations, and boss trophies like Mordremoth Mandibles or Vale Guardian Fragments. Within reason, and sometimes with permission, these will be free for anyone’s use. If it becomes an issue, I’ll revisit this rule.

    As to the basic decorations, you can either purchase them from the NPC yourself for 25s, or you can send me the gold equivalent to buy them for you.

    Hopefully that explains everything.
    If there are any more questions, feel free to ask me ingame (katubug.6378) or respond to this thread!

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