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    Upcoming Halloween Events

    Ladies and Skeletons, boys and ghouls, it’s about to be that time again! Halloween is upon us! It is time yet again too play Mad King Says, dress in outlandish costumes, and binge on candy corn until we vomit.

    To kick off the holiday, we will be organizing several events.

    Oct 18th – 22nd

    Creepy Costume Contest: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the scariest one of all? Whoever has the creepiest, eeriest, spookiest costume will win prizes! Outfits are discouraged due to their non-customizable nature. Post your entries here on the forums. While creativity in screenshots is encouraged, the winners will be judged on their costumes alone, not the image quality. Winners will be Announced during missions on the 22nd.

    Friday, October 21st

    Minion Madness (from 8pm CST/6pm PST): Get your necromancers dressed up and ready to go! We’ll be taking over the Labyrinth for loot, levels, and unnecessary amounts of minions! There is no level requirement, as the Labyrinth upscales players. You will be asked to bring as many minions as possible to grow our undead army! Non-necromancers are still welcome, but there’s never a better time to make one!

    Friday, Oct 28th

    Mad Queen’s Darts (8pm CST/6pm PST): How’s your aim? Try your hand at hitting the target…with your dead body! In several locations across the world (each harder than the last), players will do their best to fall to their deaths over pinpoint targets. Kill yourself and win fabulous prizes!

    Costume Brawl Gauntlet (9pm CST/7pm PST): Yes, it’s back again! Smash your guildies! Whomp your friends! Turn yourself into a hideous beast (or cute snowman) to compete in several events. Win in a series of 1v1 battles! Be the last man standing in a free-for-all fracas! Win the race against time, obstacles, and your comrades in the Deathly Dash!


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    Costume Contest Details and Rules

    The event will last from the 18th to the 22nd. Entries must be submitted by noon CST on the 22nd to qualify.

    To enter:

    • Come up with a suitably spooky costume! Heavy, medium, light, whatever! Outfits are disallowed because, while they’re PRETTY SPOOKY, they’re also a) gem store gated, and b) discourage creativity.
    • Take a screenshot of that outfit. Please take one screenshot from the character select screen and one ingame. This will allow you to get creative with your ingame shots, but we’ll still be able to see the outfit and dye scheme in neutral lighting.
    • You can post as many screens as you’d like, as long as they include those two.
    • Post the screenshots here on the forums, under the Guild Events subforum. Please make your own thread, and include your character name in the title. For example: “Creepy Contest Entry – Abby St Grace.”
    • Feel free to tell us a bit about the costume if you want!
    • Outfits will be judged on the outfits themselves, not on the screenshot quality. This allows people with low settings to have a fair chance, and doesn’t afford an advantage to those with image enhancements such as SweetFX or ReShade.
    • Prizes:
      Grand Prize: Polyluminescent Undulating Refractor (Choice of Green or Orange) + 15 Unidentified Dyes
      Second Prize: Polyluminescent Undulating Refractor (whichever the grand prize doesn’t choose) + 10 Unidentified Dyes
      Runners Up (3): 5 Unidentified Dyes each


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    Mad Queen’s Darts Details and Rules

    This event takes place Friday, October 28th, at 8pm CST/6pm PST.

    No gliding is allowed. You want to land, dead, as close to a marker as possible. Arrow marker is worth 5pts, Circle marker is worth 10pts, and Heart marker is worth 15pts.

    You can jump all at once, or one by one, but once you land you must stay there or be disqualified.

    You only get one shot, so choose your target and aim carefully. Only the closest person to each point will get credit. You need to announce your chosen target before jumping, and can’t be considered for another one.

    At the end, points will be tallied up, and the winners will be given their choice of prizes from the pool. Additionally, everyone gets a chance to win one of the door prizes!

    It will take place in the following zones:

    Practice Round: Guild Hall
    Round 1: Frostgorge Sound
    Round 2: Divinity’s Reach
    Round 3: Lion’s Arch
    Round 4: Mount Malestrom

    Heart Marker is worth 15pts. Circle is worth 10pts. And Arrow is worth 5pts.


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    Costume Brawl Gauntlet Details and Rules

    I will fill this in later, but I ended up canceling the event due to low interest and low energy on my part.


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    Minion Madness Details and Rules


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    Minion Madness was a lot of fun. Would like to do something similar before the Halloween event is out, but perhaps not restricting class. Just a Starbuck Guild night in the lab.
    We did run into some problems at first with finding an instance of the lab that we could all fit in, and initially were broken into two groups, so that’s something we’ll have to deal with potentially, but it will be fun to do again.

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