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    Lilith is a combination of an alacrity-wells, phantasms, and shatter build. Wells give a ton of alacrity, as do shatter skills, and phantasms stay up after being shattered once. Despite running full Berserker’s and one Assassin’s trinket (because I’m a cheapass, apparently, who just had one sitting around), she has extreme survivability once you get her wells and phantasms down. I’ve only played chronomancer for about 20 hours at this point, so I’m still solidifying her build, but I’m quite happy with it thus far.

    If I find myself if an instance where I really don’t need too much CC and DPS is more optimal, I will switch to offhand sword. Bear in mind that sword 4 is also a CC when activated before getting hit. I also carry a focus for instances where reflects help and just switch the trait to have focus skills reflect. (Inspiration -> Switch Restorative Illusions to Warden’s Feedback.)

    Shattering illusions grants health, and every time I heal myself, I heal those around me. Extra helpful with chronophantasma, and the healing well does a ton of healing, which is useful for solo and support.


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