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    Today I am taking my mesmer and doing every jumping puzzle in the game (including Not So Secret, excluding the WvW ones). Whether or not we do the HoT puzzles is dependent on time and interest (and my energy).

    So, if you love jumping puzzles and want to come help out, or if you hate jumping puzzles and want to get portaled, then come along! I don’t have characters at the end of each puzzle, so we’ll be going through them together, and I’ll happily answer any questions on how to complete them and offer tips etc.

    I’m starting at 5pm Central time (about 3 hours from now), and we’ll be starting with the easy puzzles (as much as possible – some zones have very difficult and very easy puzzles, and we’re doing them by zone). In a moment, I’ll edit this post with an itinerary.

    If you’d like to join, either message katubug.6378 ingame (mail please, not whisper), or join my squad at the start of the event (/sqjoin Bitts).

    Offering a portal to the end of

    Afterwards, we’ll be doing every other jumping puzzle in the game! Want to come along? Join my squad! :D

    [Bloodtide Coast]
    * Professor Portmatt’s Lab @ [&BKQBAAA=]

    [Caledon Forest]
    * Morgan’s Leap @ [&BDUBAAA=]
    * Dark Reverie
    * Spekk’s Laboratory @ [&BDcBAAA=]
    * Spelunker’s Delve @ [&BP4FAAA=]

    [Wayfarer Foothills]
    * Shaman’s Rookery @ [&BHcBAAA=]

    [Diessa Plateau]
    * Crimson Plateau @ [&BMYDAAA=]
    * Grendich Gamble @ [&BNoAAAA=]
    * Wall Breach Blitz @ [&BGEBAAA=]

    * Demongrub Pits @ [&BPsAAAA=]

    [Snowden Drifts]
    * King Jalis’ Refuge @ [&BLUAAAA=]

    [Kessex Hills]
    * The Collapsed Observatory @ [&BBIAAAA=]

    [Harathi Hinterlands]
    * Fawcett’s Bounty @ [&BLIAAAA=]

    [Plains of Ashford]
    * Loreclaw Expanse @ [&BMcDAAA=]

    [Fireheart Rise]
    * Pig Iron Quarry @ [&BBcCAAA=]

    [Lornar’s Pass]
    * Griffonrook Run @ [&BOgAAAA=]

    [Dredgehaunt Cliffs]
    * Tribulation Caverns @ [&BD8FAAA=]
    * Tribulation Scaffolding

    [Fields of Ruin]
    * Branded Mine @ [&BEsBAAA=]

    [Blazeridge Steppes]
    * Behem Gauntlet @ [&BP0BAAA=]
    * Craze’s Folly @ [&BAECAAA=]

    [Timberline Falls]
    * Coddler’s Cove @ [&BEYCAAA=]
    * Only Zuhl @ [&BE4CAAA=]

    [Frostgorge Sound]
    * Shattered Ice Ruins @ [&BHwCAAA=]

    [Straits of Devastation]
    * Vizier’s Tower @ [&BPcCAAA=]

    [Sparkfly Fen]
    * Hexfoundry Unhinged @ [&BM0BAAA=]

    [Metrica Province]
    * Goemm’s Lab @ [&BLIEAAA=]

    [Mount Maelstrom]
    * Conundrum Cubed @ [&BMgCAAA=]
    * Hidden Garden

    [Cursed Shore]
    * Buried Archives @ [&BOQGAAA=]

    [Southsun Cove]
    * Under New Management @ [&BNUGAAA=]
    * Skipping Stones @ [&BNAGAAA=]

    [Iron Marches]
    * Chaos Crystal Cavern @ [&BOQBAAA=]

    [Dry Top]
    * Crash Site @ [&BHoHAAA=]

    [Lion’s Arch]
    * Urmaug’s Secret @ [&BA0EAAA=]
    * Weyandt’s Revenge @ [&BDMEAAA=]
    * Troll’s Revenge @ [&BDAEAAA=]

    [Malchor’s Leap]
    * Antre of Adjournment @ [&BKYCAAA=]
    * Scavenger’s Chasm @ [&BKYCAAA=]

    * Drydock Scratch @ [&BLoHAAA=]

    [Gendarran Fields]
    * Swashbuckler’s Cove @ [&BOMAAAA=]
    * Not So Secret @ [&BOEAAAA=]

    Heart of Thorns JPs

    Verdant Brink
    Egg Bearer (ab)
    Highest Gear (ab)

    Disco Dancing Delver
    Master Mushroom Spelunker

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