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    This morning, while cackling evilly with glee, Geneva and I put together a little surprise for you, our unsuspecting victims beloved guildies.

    It’s an objective-based tag team obstacle course with some PvP elements. I can’t give away too much because I don’t want to give anyone an unfair advantages. But basically, there will be 2 teams of 5 (assuming we have enough people – if we have more or less than we can work that out) working together to complete all the objectives in the arena before the other team does.

    While interested players WILL be allowed to join on the day of, without advance notice, please let me know if you’re planning on attending. That way I can get an idea of how many people I should plan on accommodating. Also, I can remind you personally when the event is upcoming, if you ask.


    Friday the 29th, 2 hours past reset (9pm CST/7pm PST).

    The Prizes:

    • Grand Prize is 100g to the winning team!
    • Runners up will receive dyes, minis, or exotic items.
    • There will be a door prize of a Lotus Harvesting Node for your home instance (thanks Dunk for the donation!)

    The Rules:

    • Only one person from each time in the arena at any given time.
    • No griefing. You can not go around and un-complete the opposing team’s objectives.
    • Fighting is allowed. While it’s recommended not to focus entirely on defeating your teammates in combat, it is still an option.
    • No armor may be worn. You can still wear trinkets and you will obviously want weapons. Now, yes, you could wear a helm and shoulders and gloves and choose to hide them (or spend 2k gold for invisible shoes or whatever). But then you’d be a buttface and that would be against the spirit of the game. Please don’t be a buttface.
    • A player’s turn is ended in either death or ring-out. When this happens, they must use the waypoint to return to their teammates as quickly as possible, and pass the gates to “tag” the next player.
    • Winners will be decided over the course of three rounds. Whichever team takes the best 2 out of 3 will be declared victorious.
    • Each round will begin with the next teammate in line, rather than starting over at the beginning.
    • Teams will be given the choice of ordering themselves, but may not change this order during the event except in cases of emergency (aka someone went to pee or let dogs out).
    • Not every team member has to participate in order for the team to win. Similarly, the active player will continue to rotate until all objectives are complete, or the other team wins. You won’t “run out of players.”
    • Teamspeak is not required but is highly encouraged for team coordination and general amusement.

    Ryan VanBeber
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    I’ll be there. I’ll bring snacks.

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