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    (I’ll probably spice this up later, but I just want to make sure to have something up today)

    Do you need that one extra mastery point? Do you want those those 10 AP hiding behind a group achievement? Do you just want to help others and try to do something different from your dailies?

    You’re not alone, and you shouldn’t be!

    Let’s do some acheievement hunting together!!

    I’m open for discussion of better ways to do this, but my idea is to gather as many people as we can on saturdays to get this or that thing that you might want to complete!

    The time will be decided by who is asking for the acheivement (shouldn’t be too close to guild missions though), and I’ll do my best to be around in any time and gather as many people as possible! Each week I’ll pick something from the list at random, and contact whoever asked for that so we can talk about schedule.

    So if you need some specific fractals for your legendary collections or some challeging mastery point, post it here! :D

    Current list:
    Regurgicidal (kill a certain Skelk on Tangled Depths)
    Chak Crusher (kill a certain Chak on Tangled Depths)
    Beast Slain Quick(kill the final boss of A Crack In The Ice under 5 mins)
    Stay unfrosty (kill the final boss of A Crack In The Ice without being frozen)
    Fractal Adept (Fractals 41-50 )
    Zelphyr’s leap (port pls? T.T)
    Entanglement Mastery
    Dragon’s Reach Mastery (P1 and P2)
    Migrane (HoT final story mission challenge mode)


    Laurels: ʆ 94

    I already added my own stuff to the list, but I hope to hear what you want in that list yourselves :D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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