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    Been playing Thief for the better part of 2.5 years, so a few things that answer most questions about Thief. Mainly focusing on PvE, but with some pointers for PvP.

    Weapon sets:
    Dagger/Dagger – This has the highest single-target DPS of all classes, and also has the simplest DPS rotation: Cloak and Dagger -> Back stab -> One full auto-attack + 2/3 auto attack -> Restart with CnD.

    Sword/Pistol – Pistol 5 is a permanent blind. Sword auto-attack hits like a truck. Infiltrator’s Strike lets you go in close, hit a few times, then shadowstep back, which is useful for getting out of an AOE. For encounters with lots of trash mobs and stacking, Pistol 5 and auto-attack keeps you alive. Pistol whip in case of an emergency combined with Signet of Malice heals you back up to full.

    NOTE: Dagger/Dagger and Sword/Pistol are permanently equipped. If I need ranged, I switch out S/P with Shortbow, depending on the encounter and how often I run dungeons. Since I spend lots of time in the Silverwastes, I leave Shortbow on for ranged (P/P works as well).

    Shortbow – backup weapon for ranged encounters. The bounce effect on auto-attack is also nice, as it can bounce back onto the target hitting 2-3 times per attack. Outstanding mobility with Infiltrator’s Arrow. This is also usually the second weapon for a PvP build, as Thief mobility helps with decapping, and generally annoying the opposing team. For PvE, it’s an excellent skill for covering large distances, combined with Signet of shadows for +25% speed boost.

    Sword/Dagger – predominantly used in PvP for the spammable dodge from Flanking Strike. Also boon removal, but may or may not be reliable in PvE. Boon removal in PvP is essential though, against some classes.

    Pistol/Pistol – I only use it if I need single-target range. Unload is quite powerful. The issue with P/P is not much sustain/survivability.

    Pistol/Dagger – conditions. Cloak and dagger combined with Pistol stealth skill can stack a lot of conditions very quickly, and the combo skill gives you an on-demand shadowstep away from target to continue with ranged damage. Pistol auto-attack also stacks bleeds. Often combined with Dire gear for survivability in WvW, Sinister stats make it a great offensive option for PvE soloing. Properly specced, conditions can melt through groups of mobs very quickly in PvE.

    Dagger/Pistol – sPvP meta. Gives on-demand stealth with Pistol 5 + Heartseeker (up to 4 times if done correctly), which gives you a few seconds of stealth for a quick getaway. You also have access to backstab while in stealth. You also have access to a gap closer (Shadow shot), and an interrupt from Pistol 4 (good for interrupting heals). Can be used in PvE solo content as well, but D/D is better for dungeons or even general PvE due to the higher damage.

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