Credit Where Credit Is Due

The initial list of nodes came from two sources. 1) The Guild Wars 2 Wiki, and 2) This reddit post by /u/jetti91. The initial map of Toxic Spore Spawns was compiled by Dead Ambulance of the Pure Awesomeness [PA] guild.

The code itself was technically cobbled together (using techromancy and the blessings of Spriggan) by Katu (Lyra Silvertongue ingame). However, a significant portion of the code was suggested, troubleshot, and in some cases sledgehammered into place by my friends Cobalt, Rashy, Taber, and some of the folks at StackOverflow. Many thanks to you guys for your infinite patience in helping an old dog learn old tricks.

Lastly, thank you to the employees of ArenaNet for making a great game and giving me great experiences since launch.

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