Guild Ranks

Grand Poobah: Guild Leader. Doer of Things, Mediator of Disputes, Maker of Executive Decisions, Chaser of Chickens, Soother of Butts, Sultana of Sausage, Cooer of Quaggans.

Humble Poobah: Stand-in Leader. These members lead guild missions if the Grand Poobah cannot make it. They are responsible for pruning the guild roster, promoting people of lower ranks, and helping with guild-related stuff when asked. Humble Soother of Butthurts.

Officers: High-ranking members who participate in Teamspeak, on the forums, and encourage others to do so. Many officers earned their rank through volunteering to run recurring events.

Elite: Long-time members or members who have proven exceptionally helpful, friendly, and active on a consistent basis.

Guild Idiot: Essentially the same as a Elite, only dumber.

Decorator: Basically the same as a Veteran, but you have decoration permissions in the Guild Hall, which are used for the Scribing discipline.

Veteran: Guild members who have signed up for the website and participate, represent, and are active a normal amount of time. A majority of members.

Novice: Guild members who have not signed up for the website. Casual members. New people go here.

Inactive: Members who have been gone for longer than a month.

How Do I Become A…?

Novice: Join the guild. There you go. Congratulations!

Veteran: Sign up for the website. Be present and active.

Decorator: Decorators must have read the forum post regarding claiming a portion of the guild hall. Only active, representing members of STAR who have been in the guild for longer than a month are able to obtain this rank.

Elite: Represent the guild most of the time that you’re playing, and be active (ie, contribute to conversation). Assisting others in the guild frequently and joining us in Teamspeak will help immensely to earn the promotion. This rank is for people who help make the guild fun, welcoming, and interesting with their presence. Periodically Veterans will be promoted to Elite, but if you feel you’ve earned this rank, message a Humble Poobah for a promotion.

Guild Idiot: Do all of the above, but also be a dingus.

Officer: We are currently accepting volunteer officers. Officers should be well-known guildies who can be trusted to represent the guild in a favorable light. Duties include participating on the forums, in Teamspeak when possible, and in guild chat, and encouraging other members to do the same thing. Additionally, organize a recurring event. This can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Events can’t be run on an on-demand basis. The EO has to commit to their time and offer the event in guild chat/Teamspeak reliably (obviously if no one responds, the EO is off the hook). Ideas for events can be found elsewhere on the site. If this rank appeals to you, message/mail Lyra Silvertongue ingame to arrange a time and day.

Humble Poobah: The short answer is: you can’t. The long answer is, this rank is given only to the most loyal and trustworthy members who demonstrate leadership capabilities. Humble Poobahs must represent 100% (except bank or event guilds), must frequently come into Teamspeak, and must participate often in guild conversation and events. This rank will almost never be given because it’s requested. This rank is given because both leader and some of the other Humble Poobahs agree that the member fits the requirements and would be able to run guild missions.

Grand Poobah: Go on a spiritual journey, vanquishing your fears and learning the ways of the jungle/savannah/mountains/urban sprawl. Then, with your newfound knowledge, challenge the current GP to a duel to the death. For 14 days and 14 nights, engage in grueling, bloody combat, utilizing all your resources and every ounce of wit and ingenuity you possess. Defeat the current GP, and devour her heart to absorb her essence. Then, make sure you can show up on time for missions every Saturday and you’re golden.

Inactive: Don’t sign on for longer than a month. After 2 months, the member is kicked from the guild. We will send those kicked a mail with instructions on how to rejoin when they come back.