About Us


cropped-starbuck.pngAbout [STAR]

What’s great about us:

  • We have a fully-upgraded and decorated guild hall.
  • We are active, social, and friendly, especially in voice chat, which all players are encouraged to join!
  • We run weekly guild missions & makeups.
  • We run organized events such as dungeons and fractals, and also disorganized events such as Silverwastes chest farms and general mayhem.
  • We have a Discord server where we share links, life stories, and occasionally run contests! (invites will be issued in-game)
  • We are all exceptionally attractive individuals with generally proper grammar, who are the type of folk who actually rez people who need it.


How To Join [STAR]

Joining is simple! As long as you’ve read and understand the rules and guidelines (and, of course, agree with them), simply ask anyone with the [STAR] tag for a guild invite! We do not have an interview process, although of course we will not tolerate members who are disrespectful to others, and those people will be warned. Repeat offenders will be removed.

If you don’t have someone with the [STAR] tag readily available, please send an ingame mail or whisper to Geneva.3140.

You’re totally welcome to give us a try for a while to decide if you’d like to stay or not, a guild invite is not a marriage proposal. So don’t feel any pressure.


Rules and Guidelines

Behaviour: The main rule is simply to be respectful. Don’t say things that make others uncomfortable. Guild chat/the forums should always feel friendly and welcoming, and it’s just uncool to be hateful or insulting to people. If someone is being a dingdong and you’re not comfortable asking them to stop, please let one of the officers know.

Representing: We prefer that you represent the guild often enough to be a part of the community. If people recognize you, if you participate in events or discussion, then you’re active enough. However, we do not have any specific rules on the subject so long as the guild has room on the roster. Inactive members (as in, have not logged into the game) however, will be removed after a time.

The Story of STAR

STAR was created shortly after the launch of Guild Wars 2 by Steven Leung and Gavin the Asura. While for many months it was assumed the name Starbuck was a Battlestar Gallactica reference, in the end it turned out that the creators just really, really liked pumpkin spice lattes.

In early 2013, leadership of the guild was handed over to Katu, the current Grand Poobah of the guild.

In early 2017, Geneva was promoted to leader of the guild during Katu’s prolonged hiatus.

However, just preceding the announcement of the Path of Fire expansion in August 2017, Katu returned from hiatus, co-leading alongside Gen. However, these happy times were not to last, and burnout took hold of both Poobahs.

It was in April of 2018 that Gen returned to the game and breathed life into the stagnating guild, truly becoming the primary leader of the guild. Meanwhile, Katu has taken a more secondary role in leading the guild, acting more as advisor and supporter than hands-on leader.